Quellenangabe zur Metastudie Naziroglu/Akman im Springer Reference Book

Die fünfte Fußnote des Vortrags „Digital und kabellos lernen – Faszination mit Nebenwirkungen“ (PDF, 252 KB) vor dem Südtiroler Landtag im April 2015 zitiert das Springer Reference-Book „Systems Biology of Free Radicals and Antioxidants“ (2014) wie folgt:

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NAZIROGLU M, AKMAN H (2014): Effects of Cellular Phone – and Wi-Fi – Induced Electromagnetic Radiation on Oxidative Stress and Molecular Pathways in Brain, in: I. Laher (ed): Systems Biology of Free Radicals and Antioxidants, Springer Berlin Heidelberg, 106, S. 2431-2449.
Zitat: „Studies have shown, that neurological damage can be observed at exposure levels at 0,12 mW/kg (Eberhardt et. al., 2008). This is less that one eighth of an averige exposure level of 1 mW/kg found 150 – 200 [m] from a mobile phone mast. The researchers concluded, that ‚the weakest fields are the biologically most harmful.’“ (S. 2435).